Community requests

Innovation is proud to provide funding to non-profit, charitable organizations that will directly benefit our many communities. Events, programs, activities and projects are all eligible for funding. Support from Innovation can be in the form of cash donation, promotional items, and/or employee volunteer support.

Priorities Expand/Collapse

Our sponsorship program reflects Innovation’s long-standing commitment to improving the well-being of our member communities. We provide broad support to the communities we serve with goals of positive economic, social, and environmental change.

To be eligible for financial support from Innovation, your request must align with at least one of the following priorities:

  • Arts/Culture
  • Business
  • Charity 
  • Community
  • Education
  • Health and wellness
  • Sports/Recreation

Eligibility Guidelines Expand/Collapse

To quality for support, the project, event, or program must meet our eligibility guidelines:

  • Benefits the communities we serve
  • Aligns with our priorities (see above)

We encourage projects backed by other contributions or supported by other stakeholders that demonstrate sustainability.

Our sponsorship program will not support:

  • Ongoing operating costs
  • Organizations that haven’t used funds from a previous request for the intended purpose
  • Initiatives that only benefit one or few people (with the exception of our Co-op Youth Sponsorship and Graduate Awards)
  • School funding 
  • Deficit or retroactive funding 
  • Research funding
  • Travel funding
  • Creation and/or publication of books, videos, brochures, or websites
  • Political parties or affiliated events
  • Religious organizations 
  • Controversial issues 
  • Conferences/workshops 

NOTE: Innovation doesn’t donate its products and services as part of our Community Sponsorship Program.

All declines will be notified by mail.

Evaluation Criteria Expand/Collapse

The following criteria will be sued to evaluate each funding request:

  • Does the request meet eligibility guidelines?
  • Does it fit one of our key priority areas? 
  • Does it present any ethical or conflict of interest concerns?
  • Does the applicant and/or organization have an active business relationship with Innovation or any Innovation Credit Union affiliate organizations?
  • Has support been given in the past? Any problems?
  • Is there potential for future business development?
  • Who is the audience? (local, regional, provincial, or national)
  • Who will benefit from the event/program?
  • How many people would benefit? 
  • How will Innovation Credit Union benefit? 
  • What other sponsors are participating? Are any of them direct competitors with Innovation Credit Union? 
  • Would providing support reflect favourably on Innovation’s goal to effect positive economic, social, and environmental change in the communities we serve?

Application and Response Timelines Expand/Collapse

Sponsorship requests should be received at least six weeks prior to the event. Decisions will be made within two weeks.

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How to Apply
If you are looking for sponsorships, cash or prize donations, please complete our community investment application form.

Interested in learning more about the credit union difference? Click here PDF Document to view an informative brochure. #PeopleBeforeProfits

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With our Member Rewards program, your business translates into support for your community! The more business you do with us, the more we can give back to community organizations and causes that mean something to you. We've donated over $5.2 million to the communities we serve over the past 11 years thanks to members like you!


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For information on upcoming changes to DEPOSIT INSURANCE if we become a federal credit union, see our disclosure notice. Creditors who have concerns may contact Innovation Credit Union.

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