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Ever thought of bringing about an impactful change in your community? “If only...” or “Wish I could...” Do these thoughts ever cross your mind? We’d like to hear from you!

You have the potential in bringing about a positive change and we’d like to make things easier for you to reach your goal.

We’d like to invest in you!

Win up to $5,000 in tuition with the Innovation Credit Union scholarship program!

At Innovation Credit Union, we strive to redefine banking by helping Canadians simplify their lives and reach their financial goals by reinvesting profits into our members, our communities, and our people. We see no better way of making that happen than offering you a chance at a one-time Innovation scholarship to help further your education. We have over $45,000 in entrance scholarships available for first-time students.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Applying is easy! You could win $5,000 in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Create a short video explaining the following:
  • What is your name?
  • Where is your hometown?
  • What program are you currently enrolled in at university or college?
  • How will your program help you and your community in the future?
See video requirements below for more details.

Step 2: Share your video
  • Upload the video to your Facebook or Instagram page*
  • Tag Innovation on Facebook or Instagram, in your post.
  • Add the hashtags #scholarship and #buildingleaders in your post.
  • Share the link to your video in your online application.

*If you choose to post your video with privacy settings, please email a copy of your video to

Step 3: Fill out the application form
To help you get started, here’s an example of one of the videos from a previous scholarship recipient. 

Scholarship video example

Scholarships & Participating Schools

Innovation Credit Union Entrance Scholarship
Apply for this general scholarship if you are enrolled in a first-year post-secondary program at any Canadian university or college (excluding Great Plains College or North West College).
  • $30,000 in scholarships available
  • One 1st place award – $5,000
  • One 2nd place award – $3,000
  • Eleven 3rd place prizes of $2,000 each
  • Application period: March 1 to May 31, 2021

Innovation Credit Union Building Leaders Award - Great Plains College
  • $8,000 in awards available
  • Four $2,000 scholarships**
  • Application period: March 1 to May 31, 2021

Innovation Credit Union Building Leaders Scholarship - North West College
  • $8,000 in scholarships available
  • Four $2,000 scholarships**
  • Application period: July 5 to October 1, 2021

** Innovation Credit Union contributes $4,000 annually to both Great Plains College and North West College. The Government of Saskatchewan matches this contribution through the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Requirements to participate in the Innovation Scholarship Program

  • You must be a Saskatchewan resident enrolled in a first-year post-secondary program in a Canadian college or university.

  • You must be an Innovation Credit Union member and maintain your membership for at least a year after our application deadline. Not a member? No worries! If you’re 18-years-old, you can open a No-Fee Bank Account online in minutes. If you’re under 18, you can give us a call at 1.866.446.7001.

Scoring criteria & technical requirements

You can record your videos with a mobile phone or any other video recording device.

You could also use presentation files, like Google Slides or PowerPoint that consist of written content, pictures, selfies, music, embedded videos and voice over.

We’ll keep the following in mind when evaluating your application:
  • Video quality (We encourage high quality videos in a popular video format that’s easily playable on all systems).

  • Content (This includes written, audio and the video content. We’ll look for accuracy and relevance.)

  • Organization (We’ll look at how you structure the presentation and the overall framework involved in your presentation/speech/video.)

  • Creativity (Can you show us what “out of the box” means to you without straying away from the core messaging? We’re excited to see what you can bring to the table!)

  • Video length (We’re looking for only 30 to 90 seconds.)

  • Presentation quality (Make sure all embedded images, video clips, and sound bites are working properly and aren’t broken.)
Please make sure your video / sound files are high quality and available in a format that’s playable in most popular playback systems like VLC. (For example, MP4 Format).

We can’t wait to hear all about your life goals! Visit our scholarship page to apply today!

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