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The success of your business matters to us

As an Innovation member, you already have a different kind of relationship with your financial institution:

  • We keep financing decisions local and accountable.
  • Your character, track record and business plan matter.
  • We'd rather lend support than make stipulations.

In short, we keep it personal because you take your business personally.

Understanding your business

We invite you to take a few minutes to create a living profile of your business and financial scenario. Our experience with businesses of all types and sizes has taught us helpful questions to ask, and how your answers can help move the financing process along efficiently.

We would like to offer guidance on how to maintain a healthy financial picture for your business, including needs and opportunities for financing. By completing this planning form PDF Document you'll create a:

  • Business Balance Statement
  • Business Income Statement
  • Business Cash Flow Forecast

If you already have financial plans for your operating business, we can start with those – just include your statements with this form. If you're just about to start a new business, you can go straight to the Cash Flow Forecast section for now and feel free to ask us if you have questions.

The next step is to contact us!

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