Upcoming amalgamations

We're thrilled to announce that Pierceland and Goodsoil Credit Unions' boards of directors  recommended amalgamations with Innovation Credit Union...and both Goodsoil and Pierceland members have voted YES!

93% of voting Pierceland Credit Union members and 95.8% of voting Goodsoil members voted in favor March 27th and 28th at their Annual Meetings. 

Both boards of directors found our approach to responsible banking and commitment to adding exceptional value to their members’ banking experience an appealing fit for their organizations.

Our amalgamation target date for both credit unions is January 1, 2019.

Welcome Pierceland and Goodsoil!!

Pierceland Credit Union media release PDF Document
Goodsoil Credit Union media release PDF Document

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Federal Continuance

For information on upcoming changes to DEPOSIT INSURANCE if we become a federal credit union, see our disclosure notice. Creditors who have concerns may contact Innovation Credit Union.

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