Executor EASE

Being named the executor may be an honour, but it’s also a serious commitment. Many who accept an executor appointment don’t fully understand the duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities that come with it. You are a valued member of our credit union and we’re here to help. We suggest you start with Executor EASE.

Executor EASE is a program designed to assist executors fulfill their role in administering an estate. It can help you:

  • Locate, assemble, and gather information
  • Understand documentation
  • Establish executor authority
  • Manage assets and liabilities
  • Prepare statements
  • Assist with reporting

Depending on your circumstances, you may need support in one or a number of areas related to the administration of the estate. Concentra, our trust company, will provide estate administration services in a way that’s right for you. They fully understand legislative requirements, processes and potential pitfalls that executors often face.

For more information on Executor EASE, don’t hesitate to contact Concentra Trust:

Toll free: 1.800.788.6311 ext 1888
Email: executorease@concentra.ca
Website: www.concentra.ca


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For information on upcoming changes to DEPOSIT INSURANCE if we become a federal credit union, see our disclosure notice. Creditors who have concerns may contact Innovation Credit Union.

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