Low-Fee Interest Account

Our Low-Fee Interest Account is ideal for members who keep a balance of at least $5,000 in their account.

If you maintain a minimum monthly balance of $5,000, you can enjoy:
  • unlimited transactions at no cost (excludes at time of transaction fees)
  • zero monthly fee 

Earn interest on your deposits

You'll earn 0.05% if your account balance is between $0 to $4,999.99.
On account balances of $5,000 or more, you'll earn 0.10%.

Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance of your account and paid at month end. The interest rate is tiered which means as your account balance increases, so does your interest rate.
Earn with Member Rewards!

A Member Rewards Bonus Applies HERE!
With our Member Rewards program, you earn cash dividends you can use today AND cash we tuck away for you in a long-term investment with a great rate, simply by doing business with us!

The amount is based on interest paid on your loans/mortgages and earned on your investments, so you'll EARN REWARDS on this product.

To learn more about this account and others, see our Account Information and Disclosure of Standard Fees and Charges PDF Document


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