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We value members who keep their loans in good standing. To say "thank you" for being financially responsible, we offer a Skip-Your-Payment* option to members at no charge. You may have the option to skip one of the following:

  • One monthly payment, or
  • Up to two consecutive bi-weekly payments or semi-monthly payments, or
  • Up to four consecutive weekly payments.

The principal and interest on your personal loan/mortgage will be carried over to the end of the term and your skipped payment can be repaid at anytime. There is no fee for this service.

If you would like to skip your payment, we'd love to help:

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* Some conditions apply. Ag/Business Loans are ineligible.  Qualifying loans are eligible for one skipped payment per Skip-Your-Payment fiscal year. Interest will continue to accrue and be payable on the unpaid principal amount of the skipped payment but not on the unpaid interest. The original expiry date of the loan (if applicable) may be extended to accommodate this skipped payment.

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