Banking at your fingertips

Check your account information and complete transactions in real-time from your mobile device! We are proud to offer two mobile banking options: browser-based and text-based.

Our browser-based site is an alternative to our regular online banking site. You can view account balances and transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and more.

To get started:

With our text-based option, you can send a quick text message on your mobile device to access your account balances as well as your five most recent account transactions:

  • Sign up for online banking
  • Login to our online banking site
  • Sign up for mobile banking under Account Services.
  • Text a keyword command to the short code MONEY (66639) and you'll receive a text message back in seconds with your information.

Texting Short Codes

  • ACT - For the account activity of your primary account
  • ACT - For the account activity of a specific account
  • BAL - For the balance of your primary account
  • BAL ALL - For the balances of all your accounts
  • BAL - For the balance of a specific account
  • DISABLE - To temporarily disable your phone 
  • HELP - For a list of the commands you can use
  • INFO - For contact info about Innovation Credit Union
  • STOP - To permanently delete your phone 
  • NICK - For a list of account nicknames

To sign up for online banking, you can:

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