INTERAC® Flash debit card

Interac Flash® technology allows you to make smaller everyday purchases with your debit card faster, without having to enter your PIN.

Simply hold your card in front of a reader which supports the Interac Flash service, and a beep and/or “approved” message on the terminal will confirm that your transaction is complete.

Along with direct purchases, your Interac Flash® card also gives you:

Your Interac Flash® card is also the safest card to use.

It protects against skimming and counterfeiting Expand/Collapse

Skimming is the practice of criminally copying the magnetic stripe on a credit or debit card through a handheld device (a "skimmer") or through ATMs.  The criminals then use the data captured from your card to counterfeit or make a fake payment card to then use to make fraudulent purchases.

Because Interac Flash is a contactless technology, it prevents skimming and counterfeiting.

It prevents electronic pickpocketing Expand/Collapse

We've heard about criminals "wirelessly" stealing credit card information simply by passing by an unsuspecting person using a card reader.

Interac Flash uses secure chip processing that prevents copying and counterfeiting. 

You don't have to worry about aluminum cases or card protectors.

It offers Interac® Zero Liability protection Expand/Collapse

You will not be liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond your control.

  • If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to 1-800-699-9946
  • Inform us of any fraudulent purchases so we can investigate and assist
  • Sign a reimbursement document outlining your card theft and fraudulent purchases
  • If the claim is valid, we will reimburse you.

There are spending limits in case of theft Expand/Collapse

A single transaction can't exceed $100.  If your purchase is above this limit, you'll be prompted to enter your PIN.

There is also a cumulative spend limit of $200.  Once this limit is reached (regardless of time in which it is reached), you will be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

Need to PIN your Interac Flash® card?
Visit the PIN Services and Branch Locator site to find a Saskatchewan credit union near you that offers an Everlink PIN Station.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Flash® technology or contact us with any questions you may have.

NOTE: When you order a new debit card, it will come secured to a letter. When you remove the card from the letter, please be sure that you also remove all of the glue from the card as this can damage ATM machines. Thank you!


* You can only re-PIN your card at ACCULINK ATMs.

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