Start your savings!

Saving for something important to you can be as simple as setting the goal and starting a program!

Putting aside as little as $20/week can go a long ways. And if you make automatic deposits, it's out of your account before you can spend it.

With our 12-Month Easy Start Non-Redeemable Term, you can earn 1.30%* on your savings and be able to access your money in one year.

Or open a Savings Account and earn 1.20%* and be able to access your money whenever you like. Either option earns you interest you wouldn't otherwise gain on a regular deposit account.

Automatic Savings Plan Expand/Collapse

When you're saving for something, every dollar counts. You'll reach your goal faster with an automatic savings plan where you automatically save a set amount every pay period, every month, or every few months.

Give us a call to set up an automatic savings plan today!

Investment Type Automatic Savings Length Invested Ending Balance (Including Member Rewards!)
Savings Account (1.20%)* $20/Week 1 Year $1,048.08
Easy Start Term (1.30%)* $20/Week 1 Year $1,046.94
Savings Account (1.20%)* $20/Week 25 Years $30,340.82
Savings Account (1.20%)* $50/Week 1 Year $2,614.03
Easy Start Term (1.30%)* $50/Week 1 Year $2,620.19
Savings Account (1.05%)* $50/Week 25 Years $75,852.03
Earn with Member Rewards!

A Member Rewards Bonus Applies HERE!
With our Member Rewards program, you earn cash dividends you can use today AND cash we tuck away for you in a long-term investment with a great rate, simply by doing business with us!

The amount is based on interest paid on your loans/mortgages and earned on your investments, so you'll EARN REWARDS on this product.
* Interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time. Interest rates are annual interest rates. Interest is calculated daily on the closing credit balance. If term is withdrawn in full, the accrued interest is paid in full based on prior day's amount. If partial withdrawals are processed, there is no payment of accrued interest as it's paid according to the original terms. Interest for products can either be paid to a separate account or added to the principal on each anniversary date and at maturity.

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