Start your savings!

Saving for something important to you can be as simple as setting the goal and starting a program!

Putting aside as little as $20/week can go a long ways. And if you make automatic deposits, it's out of your account before you can spend it.

With our 12-Month Easy Start Non-Redeemable Term, you can earn 1.30%* on your savings and be able to access your money in one year.

Or open a Savings Account and earn 1.20%* and be able to access your money whenever you like. Either option earns you interest you wouldn't otherwise gain on a regular deposit account.

Automatic Savings Plan Expand/Collapse

When you're saving for something, every dollar counts. You'll reach your goal faster with an automatic savings plan where you automatically save a set amount every pay period, every month, or every few months.

Give us a call to set up an automatic savings plan today!

Investment Type Automatic Savings Length Invested Ending Balance (Including Member Rewards!)
Savings Account (1.20%)* $20/Week 1 Year $1,048.08
Easy Start Term (1.30%)* $20/Week 1 Year $1,046.94
Savings Account (1.20%)* $20/Week 25 Years $30,340.82
Savings Account (1.20%)* $50/Week 1 Year $2,614.03
Easy Start Term (1.30%)* $50/Week 1 Year $2,620.19
Savings Account (1.05%)* $50/Week 25 Years $75,852.03
Earn with Member Rewards! A Member Rewards Bonus Applies HERE!
With our Member Rewards program, you earn cash dividends you can use today AND cash we tuck away for you in a long-term investment with a great rate, simply by doing business with us!

The amount is based on interest paid on your loans/mortgages and earned on your investments, so you'll EARN REWARDS on this product.
* Rates subject to change without notice at any time.

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