Voluntary Codes of Conduct and Public Commitments

We're committed to voluntary codes of conduct and public commitments designed to better serve you and protect your interests. 

Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Baking to Seniors
A code of conduct that sets out principles that apply to banks to guide them when they deliver banking products and services to Canada’s seniors

Code of Conduct for Authorized Insurance Activities
A code that outlines the banks' standards for branch employees offering credit, travel, and personal accident insurance with respect to training, disclosure, promotion practices, customer privacy protection and customer redress.

Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services
A code that outlines industry practices and consumer and industry responsibilities, which will help to protect consumers in their use of debit card services in Canada.

Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada A code to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to:

  • Ensuring that merchants are fully aware of the costs associated with accepting credit and debit card payments thereby allowing merchants to reasonably forecast their monthly costs related to accepting such payments.
  • Providing merchants with increased pricing flexibility to encourage consumers to choose the lowest-cost payment option.
  • Allowing merchants to freely choose which payment options they will accept.

Code of Conduct for Mortgage Prepayment Information
A code to ensure that lenders provide enhanced information in respect of credit agreements secured by mortgages where a prepayment charge could apply (“mortgages”) to assist borrowers in making decisions about prepayment of their mortgage.

Model Code of Conduct for Bank Relations with Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs)
Model code of conduct for bank dealings with small- and medium-sized businesses. The key elements of the model code are incorporated into individual bank codes.

Public Commitments

Commitment to provide Information on Mortgage Security  
A commitment to explain the differences between the types of security taken by a bank for collateral charge mortgages and conventional charge mortgages.

Commitment on Powers of Attorney and Joint Deposit Accounts
A commitment to make available information about Powers of Attorney (POAs) and joint deposit accounts (JDAs).

Commitment to provide Low-Cost/No-cost Deposit Accounts
A commitment to provide access to basic banking services through a standard low-fee account to consumers.

Commitment on Modification or Replacement of Existing Products or Services
A commitment to provide consumers with assurances related to the modification or replacement of existing products and services.

Commitment to Online Payments applying the principles and provisions of the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services as applicable to online payment items in respect of customer deposit accounts.

Guidelines for Transfers of Registered Plans 
A commitment to industry standards for the transfer of deposit type registered savings plans between financial institutions.

Plain Language Mortgage Documents
CBA Commitment

A Commitment to providing customers with information which they can easily understand and includes the use of plain language writing principles for residential mortgage documents.

Principles of Consumer Protection for Electronic Commerce: A Canadian Framework
A commitment to the principles intended to protect consumers in online transactions.

Fraud Protection and Liability A commitment to protect consumers from the unauthorized use of their credit and debit cards.