Try Our Budget Tool

Take control of your life and reach your goals fast with the new and completely FREE budgeting tool on your mobile banking app and online banking!

Try Our Budget Tool

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Help yourself reach your goals!

Save on overpriced services and advisors. This simple and free tool is all you need to reach your goals!

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Set specific and measurable goals

It’s easier to save when you know what you’re saving towards. Use the budgeting tool to create custom goal names and target amounts.

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Analyze your spending habits

Understand where your funds are going and how much you can afford to spend. You can even tag your transactions to budget categories!

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See your progress right away

You’ll see how much you’ve saved and how much is remaining right there on your screen. No guessing. Just simple and effective banking.

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Create target dates to keep you on track

Stay on track and accountable with the target date feature. You’re no longer saving forever. There’s always an end in sight.

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Get notifications on your progress

Receive text or email notices on how you're doing, including if you've exceed a budget threshold. Your budget will always stay top of mind!

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Categorize all your transactions

Manually tag transactions to specific budget categories so you always know where your funds are supposed to go.


The tag icons are part of the new budgeting tool. You can ignore them completely if you aren't interested in budgeting.

If you do choose to use them, they're a fantastic way to help you keep track of your expenses and the categories they fall under.

Simply tap the tag icon to assign your expense to a specific budget category. For example, your mortgage payment could be assigned to Housing. 

Yes, the personal finance management tool is completely free for all our members using online or mobile banking.

To access the budgeting tool, simply:

  1. Login to online banking or your mobile app
  2. Tap on the “More” option from the menu
  3. Tap on “Budget Tool”
  4. Tap on “Goals”

You can then create new goals, budgets, set dates, and track your progress.

You can only set one goal per account, but you can easily open a new savings account in seconds to accommodate new goals. You can also update your goal at any time as your plans change.  

You'll notice there are already some common spending categories created for your convenience. You can add up to five additional categories however, that better meet your goals and needs.

Under the budget section, you can select Add New Budget to create a new spending category. It will automatically create an icon based on the first letter of your category name. You can then tag your transactions using that spending category.

Things happen and sometimes we don’t reach all our goals on time. With the budgeting feature, you can simply adjust your goal and set a new date so you can get right back on track!

You sure can! You can receive text or email progress notifications to help keep your goals top of mind.

You can also receive alerts when you’ve reached a budget threshold.