Recruiting process

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Yes, we do! Some restrictions apply based on the position type.

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Selection Process

Our recruitment panel consists of a People Development Specialist and the manager or supervisor of the department you’re applying to be part of. We discuss your entire application including cover letter, resume, and application questions. We then compare that information to our hiring criteria for that position. We might do telephone pre-screens to learn more about our candidates.

If we short-list you, we’ll contact you to set up a face-to-face interview. If you don’t hear from us, please try applying for another position in the future!

If we’re considering you for a position with us, we conduct education and employment verifications. We may also conduct reference checks.  We respect your desire to keep your employment search confidential and will only request a reference from your current employer once we have made you an offer of employment.

If we don’t select you after your interview, we’ll contact you to let you know. Sorry, we don’t give specific feedback about interviews, but here are some helpful interview tips that might help you in the future! 


We’ll contact you directly if we select you for an interview. Some positions may require a skills assessment and others may have a pre-screening interview by telephone where we’ll ask you general questions about your work experience and your aspirations.

We conduct interviews face-to-face or virtually (turn on your video!) where you will meet with a People Development Specialist and your potential future manager/supervisor. 

The interview will take approximately 1.5 hours.

We’ll ask a series of behavioral event interview questions. We will be looking for recent (12 - 18 months), specific, work-related examples that illustrate how you have behaved in work-related situations that demonstrate behavioral competencies applicable to the position. Recent and relevant examples from experiences gained through volunteerism, schooling or committee work are acceptable as well. We will ask you what you specifically said, thought, felt and how you reacted to the situation.

You bet! You can also bring copies of recent performance appraisals if you like. You will have time to ask us questions as well.


If you are the successful candidate for the position, your offer of employment is contingent on the following:

  • Your ability to become bonded without conditions. 
  • A criminal record check satisfactory to Innovation.
  • A review of your credit bureau rating satisfactory to Innovation.
  • A current employment reference check satisfactory to Innovation.

Before you apply…

Here’s a quick checklist that will help with your application. Once all the boxes are checked, you’re set!

Cover letter

  • In a Word (.doc) or Adobe Reader (.pdf) format
  • Is specific to the position I’m applying for


  • In a Word (.doc) or Adobe Reader (.pdf) format
  • Includes your email address

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