10,000 meals donated!

We're thrilled to help those in need during inflationary times. Learn more about our 2023 Community Impact Campaign.

10,000 meals donated!

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Innovation Federal Credit Union Community Impact Campaign

Inflation is still being felt by all of us, especially those in need.

Their reliance on charitable organizations to help them get by and even to survive is critical. Yet those very organizations also feel the trickle-down effect of inflation – greatly impacting their ability to serve those in need.

The Innovation Federal Credit Union Community Impact Campaign supports local registered charitable organizations in the province. This year’s campaign is focused on food banks and organizations with meal programs for the underserved through our donation of 10,000 meals. Our members make this possible! 

If you would like to donate as well, please see the listing of the six organizations we have chosen to partner with.

1 meal = $5 donation (based on an average taken from the six organizations)

We're Proudly Supporting 8 Local Community Organizations Making a Difference

The Concerning Statistics

Increase in Canadian food bank usage since 2020

Of food bank users are children

Canadians experience homelessness on any given night

Canadians a year experience homelessness

Canadian food bank meals were served in the month of March 2022 alone


  • Second Nationally Coordinated Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness in Canadian Communities 2019
  • HungerCount 2022

The Outstanding Organizations We're Donating Over $54,500 to

Thank you to these amazing community organizations for all they do. To learn more about each of them, please visit their websites below.