Save on bank fees. Earn cash rewards. Give to causes that matter.

Save money

Save more money today! Apply for our No-Fee Bank Account in minutes.

How much could a family save by banking with us?

Product or Service Savings/Year
No-Fee Bank Account Savings $360
Transaction Fee Savings $60
ding free ATM Savings $120
Parents' Cash Back Visa* Savings $179
Student's Cash Back Visa* Savings $100

Total Savings 



* For example purposes only. Savings per year amount is calculated using average competitors’ monthly bank account fees, two ATM transactions per month, and two over limit transactions per month. Visa savings compared to competitor premium card annual fee.

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Join the 41,000+  Canadians who pay no fees!

A wad of cash

It's payday!

We just paid approximately $900,000 into Member Rewards accounts. How much did you earn?

Earn cash

The more banking you do with us, the more you’ll earn.

Through our Member Rewards program, we’ve paid members approximately $37.71 million since 2007. What bank would do that?

How much could a family earn by banking with us?

Product or Service Profit Sharing
$60,000 GIC $35
$400,000 Mortgage $272
$60,000 Personal Loan $65
Parents' Cash Back Visa* Rewards $234
Student's Cash Back Visa* Rewards $168
Youth Dividend (two children) $40

Total Earnings



* For example purposes only. Profit Sharing amount is calculated using an allocation rate of 1.24% and dividend rate of 5.62%. Allocation and dividend rates are subject to change without notice.  Monthly Visa card spend estimate: $2,300 for parents and $1,600 for student.

Other ways you can earn:

Speak to an Innovation advisor to calculate your potential savings today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You buy a $5 share to own a part of our credit union.
  • We'll automatically open a Member Rewards Account for you.
  • We’ll deposit cash dividends and equity to your Member Rewards Account.

Equity is the profits we earn that help keep our credit union strong. As an owner member of Innovation, you earn a portion of our profits. And as a thank you for letting us hold onto your equity portion, we pay cash dividends.

We build equity to serve you better:

  • You get the best products and services like our No-Fee Bank Account.
  • You earn competitive rates on investments and loans.
  • You see improvements to our branches/advice centres, website and mobile app.

We ensure your credit union is sound and stable.

A dividend is a payment to our owners, like you. It’s a portion of our profits that we share with you that you can save or spend. Our Board approves payment based on how our credit union is performing.

Your payments are based on:

1. Loan interest you’ve paid PLUS

2. Deposit interest you’ve earned

You’ll earn equity on:

  • US Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • GICs
  • Loans and mortgages
  • Lines of credit

  1. We pay equity to your Member Rewards Account based on the business you do with us.

  2. We pay you cash dividends based on the equity you have. And THAT cash you can access and spend!

So, the more equity you have, the more cash you’ll earn!

We also pay $5 cash every 3 months to youth ages 18 and under.

You can withdraw your cash dividends anytime you like. Simply transfer the available cash balance from your Member Rewards account to any account you like. You can also contact us to set up an automatic transfer for you.

You can also withdraw from the equity portion when:

  • Your equity balance reaches $5,000 (personal members) or $10,000 (business members). Once this happens, you can take out any money above that $5,000 or $10,000 balance.


  • You reach age 65. You’ll need to keep your $5 member share in your account, but you can withdraw anything over $5.


Give back

Banking with us helps support your community. Since 2007, our members have helped us give back over $7.60 million to the communities we serve.

2021 community investment totals:

  • $489,871 in the form of sponsorships, naming rights, community development, scholarships, and spirit awards.
  • $20,663 in donations to charity by staff (380 staff contributed)