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Ricky Forbes
Ricky Forbes
An Innovation Quick Loan is the ultimate in flexibility. Apply once and only pay interest on the amount you use. Whether you need to fund an adventure, want to do some home repairs, or have an unexpected expense, it feels great to know this money is there when you need it.
Ricky Forbes
Ricky Forbes
Innovation’s No-Fee Bank Account helps me be smart with my money. No hidden fees, no costs, zero! I signed up online. It was easy - it only took a few minutes!
Sultan Ahmed
I would love to thank everyone who helped us through all the stages, realtors, mortgage specialists, and lawyers especially. I would love to thank and appreciate Erin for helping us a lot. She was really nice and she helped us a lot. Thank you for being nice to us and for everything. I would give all stars because they deserve it. Thank you for everything.
Sheila Wicks
One of the things that I like about Innovation is the Member Rewards program. My husband turns 65 next week so he can withdraw all of his Member Rewards allocations. The timing works out very nicely as we need to replace the awning on our camping trailer. Member Rewards will pay for it and we will have some left over. I love free money!
Jamie Bakken
Erin went above and beyond to help me get my fast possession date! She worked crazy hours and was very committed to get results! She was incredibly personable and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone!
Dawson Mucha
Erin Chmiel is the absolute bomb! She was amazing throughout the entire mortgage process. Worked around the clock to keep me up to date on my mortgage as we moved closer and closer to the closing date. If you're a first time home buyer you definitely want her in your corner!
Teyah MacKay
I've been a member for a few months and I like the no fees. You guys are cool. I've never felt like this home for me in my life; I feel l belong. So great. Thanks to you guys. Bless you guys.
Shout out to Jenn Winterhalt from the Wilkie branch who took my call last Thursday evening about multiple errors with my cheque order. I'd had trouble since March 26 with the order and she had the correct version from D&H in our mailbox by Monday! 2 business days! Amazing - thanks Jenn!
Ricky Forbes
Ricky Forbes
Innovation's Responsible Banking approach just makes sense to me. Simple banking, community investment, and financial education... It's what's missing in banking.
Marya Brown
Erin Chmiel was amazing to help us with our new mortgage. She worked really hard to help us get all our requirements and information to get a mortgage through innovation. Lots of communication and guidance.
We couldn’t have done it without her. She worked so hard to make our plans possible
Amir Ashraf
Amazing person to deal with and highly professional. She went above and beyond in order to assist me and truthfully I could not have asked for a better mortgage advisor. Thank you, Erin.
Just wanted to say a thank you, to all the Cut Knife, SK staff who do such great work with graciousness.
Linda V
Lesia Goba
We had an absolutely incredible experience working with Erin on our second mortgage. She worked so hard for us and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Erin at ICU to all of my friends who are in the market of a new home.
I would just like to say that everything about Innovation has stunned me, taken me aback, and has been a thorough-delight. They think of absolutely everything. Every single one of their policies are either unmatched or are found very difficult by others to rival. Long live this C.U. Thanks so much for the No-Fee Account. Everybody is given their own manager. This kind of respect will be thoroughly remembered and appreciated. This lovely institution in a lovely province is run by lovely people.
Katrina Vardeh Esakian
I would like to start by saying that Erin Chmiel is such an awesome person all around! She is so passionate about her job and you can easily tell she loves her job!
Erin is professional, patient, kind hearted and has a great sense of humour ! She helped me to get the best mortgage rate and went above and beyond doing so. I'm so glad I chose to call Innovation and even more that I got Erin!
Aaron Greyeyes
Good afternoon,
Would just like to reach out to share my feedback on service level from Innovation representative Alyssa Timmer. On March 8, 2022 I had a few items that needed to be addressed. Alyssa had the answers immediately and in a professional manner. Great job to Alyssa and all Innovation staff as I have never had one bad experience in the years of dealing with this bank.
Blake Aaron Greyeyes

I just wanted to say that the new app looks great, and I love how easy it is to use. I especially like the new bill payment method that lets me pay all of my bills in one go, it makes things way easier. What a nice surprise!
Dorothy Berg
I receive excellent help getting setup for online banking with member advisor Drake May .
A very big thank you to Kayla in North Battleford for assisting me in getting my new app set up. Her knowledge and patience were incredible. Thank you Kayla. I appreciated everything.
Just downloaded the new app and updated my account settings, profile, etc. My wife and I rate these implementations based on a "curse" factor. Neither of us cursed even once with this conversion! Well done! We look forward to the new digital capabilities Innovation Credit Union has to offer!

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