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Mortgage, Savings, and Personal Loan Calculators

Knowing you want to take out a mortgage or personal loan, or start saving money, is a crucial first step. Aligning your finances to make a loan or savings strategy possible is even better.

With so many variables involved, how can you know what your monthly mortgage or loan payment will be? How can you determine savings account interest and figure out the ideal monthly deposit?

Our mortgage, savings, and personal loan calculators for our Canadian members make the process a little easier. They’re here to help you estimate, plan, and build a financial and banking strategy that supports your needs. 

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Why Should I Use a Credit Union Mortgage Rate Calculator?

From the amount requested to the interest rate, personal loans in general have lots of moving parts. For mortgages in particular, there are so many options available that it can be difficult to compare them.

That’s why you can choose from four different options in our Innovation Federal Credit Union Mortgage Calculator. You have the power to:

  • Estimate your monthly payment
  • Compare two types of mortgage loans
  • Calculate the overall affordability of a potential mortgage
  • Determine the benefits of making prepayments

When you calculate costs and compare options, you can make a more informed decision. Ultimately, that can save you money on your mortgage. All it takes is a few minutes to enter the relevant details — you’ll get your results immediately.

Why Should I Use a Personal Loan Calculator?

Terms, conditions, interest rates, and other factors can all influence the total cost of a personal loan. No matter why you want a personal loan, it’s crucial to know how much you’re expected to pay each month.

That’s not only important for your budget; when you can demonstrate that a loan’s estimated monthly payment is well within your means, it can make it easier to receive approval. Adjusting the specifics in our personal loan calculator can help you figure out what is and isn’t a comfortable repayment schedule or total amount to request.

You can also compare loans and change the specifics (like the loan amount and repayment schedule) to find their total cost. You may discover opportunities to save money across the life of your loan as well.

Why Should I Use a Savings Calculator?

Along with a traditional savings account, there are many tax-advantaged savings options available in Canada. From Tax-Free Savings Accounts to Registered Retirement Savings Plans, you have options.

Our savings calculators can help you understand the financial benefits of each account type. These account-specific calculators make it easy to adjust your personal details. That way, it’s simple to complete calculations that reflect your financial situation.

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