Best Visa* Credit Cards

Whether it’s premium rewards, cash back, travel rewards, or no fees, you’ll find the credit card you’re looking for!

Best Visa* Credit Cards

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Cash Back Infinite Visa Card

A premium card for your every day life.

  • Earn bonus rewards points on groceries, digital streaming, sustainable transit, and more!
  • Be protected with valuable insurance benefits
  • Enjoy Visa Infinite Exclusive benefits
  • Easily transfer cash rewards
  • Redeem points for a variety of items
  • Earn 5,000 Welcome Points!*

Visa Infinite Card

Earn the most rewards on your purchases. 

Cash Back Visa Card

Earn cash rewards plus, pay no annual fee!

  • Pay no annual fee
  • Earn cash rewards
  • Make purchases using your phone
  • Easily transfer cash rewards
  • Redeem points for a variety of items

Centra Visa Gold Card

Collect rewards while paying a low annual fee and interest rate. 

US Dollar Visa Card

Earn rewards whenever you go to the United States or shop online with a US company.

  • Pay a low annual fee
  • Avoid foreign transaction fees
  • Redeem points for a variety of items
  • Make purchases using your phone
  • Pay your bill from your Innovation US Account

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* The Collabria Visa Card is issued by Collabria Financial Services Inc. pursuant to a license from Visa.

Redeem points for cash back in the form of an account credit. Not available on US Dollar cards. View full Rewards Program Rules at

Eligibility for Rewards
Eligibility for rewards and/or account credit is subject to the rewards program terms and conditions. Qualifying transactions are defined in the rewards program terms and conditions. Cash advances and balance transfers do not qualify for reward points. To earn rewards, each account must remain open, in good standing and not become delinquent. All purchases are subject to credit approval.

Visa Welcome Points

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