Responsible Banking™

The Story

Responsible Banking™ was a popular concept in Europe and Asia – being socially responsible, sustainable, thinking of all stakeholders. So how did it end up at Innovation?


Free Banking

Having a deposit account shouldn't cost you money. That's why we automatically switched 23,000 members to our No-Fee Bank Account when we created it, so they could start saving money right away. 

It's a truly No-Fee Bank Account with:

  • no monthly maintenance fees
  • free and unlimited Interac e-Transfers® in online banking
  • no minimum balance requirements
  • no transaction fees
  • free ATMs* across Canada


  • We have a ding-free ATM network across Canada where you can avoid surcharges.
  • You can enjoy competitive rates on every investment and loan product we have.
  • You can take advantage of Fresh Start Loans and Fresh Start Mortgages that allow you to borrow with no-to-low credit score. They'll help you build the credit score you need to avoid high interest rate charges on future loans.

Join the 43,000+ Canadians who use our No-Fee Bank Account!

It's payday!

We just paid approximately $1 million into Member Rewards accounts! This includes a youth dividend of $10!
Want to earn more?


Cash Rewards

If we're successful thanks to your business, shouldn't you be successful too? It's why we give cash rewards for everyday banking.  Since 2007, members have earned $44.38 million.

  1. You earn cash monthly for online banking with us.
  2. You earn equity quarterly for having loans and savings with us.
  3. You earn quarterly cash dividends based on your equity balance.

In short, more equity = more cash!

Youth ages 18 and under also earn $10 cash every 3 months. It's a nice way to start teaching them the value of savings.


Caring Company by Imagine Canada

We love the communities we work and live in. And the people we get to help every day. It's why we give 2-4% of our pre-tax profits to activities and causes that build our community.

For our corporate giving efforts, Imagine Canada has designated us a Caring Company - an acknowledgement we're so honored to receive!

Thanks to our members' business, we've invested over $9 million in the communities we serve.

Green Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Discover banking solutions to support your environmental sustainability goals:

  • for home renovations, 
  • for zero-emission vehicles, and
  • for responsible investing.

Investing for Global Good

We invest in the WaterCredit Investment Fund. The fund’s investments support:

  • safe water and sanitation, 
  • economic opportunity, and 
  • gender equality.

Renewable Energy

We invest in the SES Solar Co-operative, the first renewable energy co-operative in Saskatchewan.  

The investment helps fund the installation of solar panels . It's a perfect fit for our Responsible Banking environmental approach.

Meet some of the outstanding organizations we've been honored to help

Responsible Banking™

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ATM transactions for No-Fee Bank Account are free at ding free ATM locations.