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Welcome Bonus

Open a No-Fee Bank Account, use promo code SIGNUP300, and you’ll earn $300* cash! Plus, you’ll start saving as much as $360/year in bank fees.

Enjoy free banking!

  • No monthly fees
  • Free & unlimited Interac e-Transfer®
  • Free ATMs across Canada**
  • No minimum balance required

Requirements for Account Opening

18+ years of age

Canadian resident

(not including Quebec)

Social Insurance Number*

*Your SIN is only a condition if you're opening an account online. If you prefer not to  provide your SIN, give us a call to apply over the phone at 1.866.446.7001.

Are you overpaying for bank fees?

We recently took to the streets of Saskatoon and Regina to talk to hard working Canadians about bank account fees.

When I use the term bank fees, what's your initial feeling?

  • "Uh, stress."
  • "I don't like paying bank fees."
  • "Frustration, probably."
  • "It's not nice to see another deduction, that's just the bank taking money."
  • "Bank fees are too much."
  • "I don't see why I should be charged for using the money that I worked for."
  • "There's a lot of distaste for having to pay bank fees."

What if I told you there was a place where you could get a bank account and have no fees attached to it?

  • "I would sign up."
  • "I would be down for that!"
  • "Oh, that would be great."
  • "No fees? Take it."
  • "I would like to go with that bank."
  • "I'd want to join that!"


Stop paying bank fees

You’ve worked hard for your money. You deserve to keep it! It’s time to enjoy free, easy banking with our no fee chequing account today. AND get $300* cash! Remember to use promo code SIGNUP300.


In order to get the $300 cash you must:

  • Open an Innovation No-Fee Bank Account online using the promo code SIGNUP300.
  • Deposit a minimum of $5.00 into your account to cover the cost of the membership fee.
  • Set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $100 and have it deposited twice into your No-Fee Bank Account. This must be done within 90 days of opening the No-Fee Bank Account.

You must be a new customer to Innovation, 18 years or older and a Saskatchewan Resident. If you banked with Innovation prior to January 2016 and would now like to return to us, you are also eligible for the offer.

Once you complete the offer conditions, you will get the $300 cash the month following the 90 days of when you opened the account. (i.e. if you open your account on October 1, 2021, you will receive payment before 28th February 2022). We’ll deposit your $300 into your Member Rewards Account. You can transfer the $300 cash to any Innovation account of your choice. 

A direct deposit is defined as an automatic recurring deposit that is deposited at least monthly, into your No-Fee Bank Account.

  • Examples of qualifying direct deposits include: payroll payments, child tax benefits, Employment Insurance (EI) payments, Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) payments, pension payments, old age security payments and disability payments.
  • Examples of direct deposits that are not included are: Quarterly GST cheques, PayPal deposits, scheduled transfers from an alternate financial institution, Uber deposits and Doordash deposits.

To set up a direct deposit from your employer:

  • Log into digital banking
  • Choose Accounts > View Accounts
  • Select the account you are wanting the form for
  • At the bottom of the accounts detail page you will find the Direct Deposit and Pre-Authorized Debit Form
  • Print off the form and give it to your employer

Yes, the offer is only available to new Innovation members. However, you are also eligible if you banked with Innovation prior to January 2016 and would now like to return to us. Welcome back!

No-Fee Bank Account available for personal use only. SIN is not required as a condition of opening an account. If you prefer not to provide your SIN for our online application, please visit one of our branch locations to apply or call 1.866.446.7001 for more information.

ATM transactions for the No-Fee Bank Account are free at ding free ATM locations.

Innovation Credit Union banking services are not available in Quebec.

$300 New Member Offer

Between October 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 (the “Offer Period”) Qualifying Account Holders* are eligible for a $300 Innovation Credit Union New Member Bonus (the “Offer”), provided the following terms and conditions are met.


*Qualifying Account Holders must be a new customer to Innovation Credit Union, be 18 years of age or older, be a Canadian resident, meet Innovation Credit Union’s membership and account opening approval criteria, and cannot have been an Innovation Credit Union member since January 2016. 

Offer Conditions

Innovation Credit Union reserves the right to cancel or change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, for any reason, and to revoke the Offer for any customer who appears to be manipulating or abusing the Offer, or appears to be engaged in any suspicious/fraudulent activity.

As a Qualifying Account Holder, you will be eligible to receive the $300 Offer, after meeting the following conditions:

  1. Successfully open an Innovation Credit Union No-Fee Bank Account (the “Account”) through the Online Account Opening Application on Innovation Credit Union’s website;
  2. Deposit a minimum of $5.00 into your Account to pay for the cost of the membership share fee; and
  3. Within 90 days of successfully opening your Account:
    • Set up one or more Eligible Recurring Direct Deposit(s)* to be deposited into your Account, the minimum amount must be at least $100 per deposit, and
    • Have the Eligible Recurring Direct Deposit(s)* credited into your Account at least twice.

*An Eligible Recurring Direct Deposit is generally defined as an automatic recurring deposit, deposited at least monthly, into the newly opened No-Fee Bank Account. Innovation Credit Union may determine whether deposits are considered Eligible Recurring Direct Deposits for the purposes of this Offer.

  • Examples of Eligible Recurring Direct Deposits include: regular and consistent payroll payments, child tax benefits, Employment Insurance (EI) payments, Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) payments, Saskatchewan Assistance Program payments, pension payments, old age security payments, and disability payments.
  • Examples of deposits that are not considered an Eligible Recurring Direct Deposit include: Quarterly GST deposits, scheduled transfers from an alternate financial institution, PayPal deposits, Uber deposits and Doordash deposits.

Additional Information

After the Offer Conditions have been met, the $300 Offer will be deposited into the Qualifying Account Holders’ Innovation Credit Union Member Rewards Account, as available funds, in the fourth month following the month, the account was opened. For example: If a Qualifying Account Holder opens their account in October 2021, and meets the Offer Conditions by January 2022, the $300 payment will be deposited by January 31, 2022. The Qualifying Account Holder’s No-Fee Bank Account must also be active and in good standing (not in an unauthorized overdraft or in a delinquent status) at that time of the Offer payment. If the No-Fee Bank Account is opened as a joint account, the Offer payment will be divided and deposited evenly into each account holder’s Innovation Credit Union Member Rewards Accounts. 

The Qualifying Account Holder will be charged a fee of $30 if they close their No-Fee Bank Account within 180 days of opening the Account, as per Innovation Credit Union’s Account and Fee Information brochure. 

Offer is non-transferable and is not valid in conjunction with any other Offer. Limit of one Offer per Qualifying Account Holder, including for joint Account Holders. The recipient(s) of the Offer is solely responsible for any tax consequences associated with their receipt thereof. 

Innovation Credit Union employees and immediate family members of employees, are not eligible for the Offer.