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Paying your tuition can be easy with a scholarship to Great Plains College through Innovation Credit Union. You can win $2,000 in tuition if you are a full-time student enrolled in your first program at Great Plains College.

Start your application by reviewing the scholarship eligibility criteria and convince Innovation Credit Union and Great Plains College to award you a scholarship today!

Great Plains College Scholarship Criteria

Four scholarships of up to $2,000 are available through Great Plains College and Innovation Credit Union.

To qualify you must:
  • Be currently enrolled at Great Plains College as a full-time student in a post secondary program;
  • Be a current Innovation Credit Union member, and maintain that membership for at least one year after the application deadline;
  • If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for only $5 by opening a No-Fee Bank  Account
  • Reside in Saskatchewan;
  • Complete an online application form with basic information about yourself and your education;
  • Hold at least a 70% average in your most recent school term;
  • Post a video on Facebook or Instagram explaining who you are, what education program you are pursuing, and what you plan to do with that education to positively impact your community in Saskatchewan – see What should I include in my video below for more information;
  • Like Innovation Credit Union’s and Great Plains College's Facebook pages or follow Innovation on Instagram;
  • Tag each organization in your video post;
  • Include the hashtags #scholarship and #buildingleaders in your video post;
  • Be open to follow up from Innovation Credit Union’s Team for potential recruitment or promotional purposes; and
  • Submit your application prior to midnight, May 31, 2020.

What should I include in my video?

People who share their goals with their network are more likely to succeed. So rather than focus on just your marks, or ask you to write an essay, we want to help you build a network of friends and family who understand why you are pursuing an education at Great Plains College, and what you plan to do with that education once you graduate.

To help you build support for your future career, your application needs to include a video that answers the following questions:
  • What is your name?
  • Where is your hometown?
  • What program are you currently enrolled in at Great Plains College?
  • If you are awarded a scholarship from Innovation Credit Union, what will you do with your education to positively impact your community in Saskatchewan?

Video Post Checklist

  • To complete your application, you must post your community impact video on your Facebook account;
  • Your video must be a minimum of 30 seconds, and no longer than 90 seconds to be eligible for your application; 
  • Remember to “like” Innovation Credit Union and Great Plains College’s Facebook pages and follow Innovation on Instagram;
  • Tag Innovation Credit Union and Great Plains College in your post;
  • Include the hashtags #scholarship and #buildingleaders in your video post; and
  • Share the link to your video in your online application.


If you have any questions or suggestions you would like to share about Innovation Credit Union’s Scholarship Program, email our community team or call 1.866.446.7001 and ask to speak with Jodie Robulak.

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