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$30,000 in scholarships available!

  • 1st place - $5,000
  • 2nd place - $3,000
  • 11- 3rd place prizes of $2,000 each

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Be an Innovation Member

  1. Sign up for a $5 membership (if you don't already bank with us). Simply open a No-Fee Bank Account online in minutes.

  2. Maintain your membership for at least a year after our application deadline.

Enroll in a Canadian university or college

  • As a full-time student
  • In a first-year post-secondary program

Final musts

  • Reside in Saskatchewan
  • Complete our form
  • Post a video (see our video requirements below) 
  • Be open to giving a testimonial if you should win

Submit your application before midnight, May 31, 2021. Good luck!

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People who share goals with family and friends are more likely to succeed. Build support for your future career by sharing a video about yourself!

1. Create your video. Tell us:

  • What is your name?
  • Where is your hometown?
  • What program are you currently enrolled in at university or college?
  • How will your program help you and your community in the future?

Your video must be 30 to 90 seconds.

We'll score your video based on:

  • content,
  • organization,
  • creativity,
  • presentation quality, and
  • video length.

2. Share your video

  • Post your video to your Facebook or Instagram page.
    NOTE: If you're not comfortable setting your video to public, please email a copy of your video to

  • Tag us in your post.
  • Include the hashtags #scholarship and #buildingleaders in your post.
  • Like” our Facebook page.
  • Follow us on Instagram.
  • Share the link to your video in your online application.

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