January 09, 2024

Innovation Federal Credit Union Opening Advice Centre in La Loche, SK

Innovation Federal Credit Union - in partnership with the Town Council, community organizations, local Nations, and businesses in the area - is working to establish financial services in the northern village of La Loche.  The Mayor and Council of La Loche and the Innovation team are excited to deliver financial services to the northern village where there are none today.   

Georgina Jolibois, Mayor of La Loche shared, “The Northern Village of La Loche welcomes Innovation Federal Credit Union to the community.” 

Innovation will work with the town, community organizations, local Nations, and businesses in the area, to establish a full-service advice centre (branch) in 2024. The advice centre will have on-site advisors, a video-capable ATM, and a confidential meeting space (with video conference technology) providing members direct access to any Innovation experts without having to travel.  

"Innovation is honored to partner with the community of La Loche. Innovation contributes to Truth and Reconciliation by bringing free banking and other financial services to underserved northern and Indigenous communities." says Daniel Johnson, Chief Executive Officer.  

Innovation is working to determine and finalize the ideal location for the advice centre in La Loche. Innovation’s Mobile Advice Centre will be deployed to La Loche starting in the Spring, while the new location is being determined and developed.