10 Father’s Day Gifts That Will Save Dad Money

What will you be giving your dad for Father’s Day this year? What about a gift that’s not only thoughtful, but also helps him increase his savings? Sure, you can just buy him a card, but a gift that also helps him save, especially during COVID-19, may be a welcome present.

Here are ten fantastic gift options that will help him save money. What’s more, each of these gifts are extremely thoughtful and practical too. Ready to become your father’s favorite? Here we go!

  1. Pitch in for a programmable thermostat
    Did you know that a programmable or smart thermostat can lead up to 10-30% savings on your energy costs? Space heating and cooling is necessary to live comfortably, but the expenses can rack up. Whether your father likes to keep his space toasty warm or icy cool, he can now rest easy knowing he isn’t emptying his bank account, all thanks to your Father’s Day gift. Plus, you’re keeping him comfortable and helping him cut energy costs at the same time.

  2. Splurge on entertainment subscriptions
    Depending on your father’s interests (and your budget), you can get him a subscription to all his favourite entertainment platforms. With so many different platforms to choose from, it can get confusing and expensive to keep up with subscriptions. Take that burden off his shoulders and gift him an annual subscription to his favourite platform, or a bundle of subscriptions so he can have many options. Online magazine subscriptions are a nice “green” option as well.

  3. Book some classes to learn a new skill or socialize
    Learning a new skill helps the brain stay sharp and young. A healthier mind is the perfect gift for your father, or any loved one. Classes could be online or in-person, for music, water colour painting, creative writing, yoga or even the Tango! It depends on what your father enjoys - so choosing the right class is a great way to show how thoughtful you are.

    Not sure what he’d like? That’s alright, you can always get him a gift certificate to an online learning platform, or community classes. Community classes will also help him meet new people and socialize - both of which are thought to lead to richer, longer lives.

  4. Buy him a book on financial security
    While the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad book is all about financial advice given by a father (and his wealthy friend), this Father’s Day may be the ideal opportunity to give your dad a little financial advice instead. A book that will help him learn more about growing his wealth and financial security could help him increase his savings and live comfortably.

  5. Ready them for any situation with rechargeable batteries (and a charger!)
    If there’s one gift that every father will appreciate, it’s a pair of rechargeable batteries. They’re handy in an emergency or to power up any gadgets they use on a regular basis. A gift that helps in times of need, is a good gift indeed. Besides being a wonderfully practical gift, it will also help your father think of you fondly whenever he uses it. One more perk of gifting rechargeable batteries? It’s better for the environment too.

  6. Set up a Cloud backup & secure storage service
    Another great way to show you always have his back, is to give your father Cloud backup and storage service. Let’s face it - parents aren’t always great with technology. They may accidentally delete important files and documents or feel helpless when they run out of space for yet another folder full of precious pictures of their grandchildren. Or maybe they’re super tech savvy and would appreciate some secure storage and backup. Either way, it’s a thoughtful gift that will save them lots of money and worry over losing data.

  7. Shower them with hobby supplies
    This is a no-brainer that always makes for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. If your dad has a hobby or two, you can gift him with supplies. It will save him the cost of having to buy it himself. The best part is, you can buy gifts on a budget or dip into your savings and get him something extra special. If he’s into golfing, you can surprise him with personalized golf balls. Into cooking? Get him a smart set of new implements, cough up some cash for some exotic ingredients, or buy an apron with a funny quote. No matter the hobby, you’re sure to find something to meet any budget. 

  8. Make a donation in their name
    You know how they say giving is better than receiving? Well, this Father’s Day, you could give your father the satisfaction of giving to those in need by making a donation in his name. If he already donates, you can offer to sponsor his donations for the year. This will allow him to put aside the money he generally donates as his savings. Or he could buy himself something nice instead. An added advantage of donating is the tax benefits he (or you) could get on the donation amount.

    Did you know that opening a No-Fee Bank Account at Innovation Credit Union can also help you give back to your community? We believe in Responsible Banking™. We support the communities we serve through various initiatives like scholarships, sponsorships, and grants. The more business we get, the better able we are to give back to the larger community.

  9. Get him a gift card - but make it personal 
    When all else fails, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a gift card. It takes away the burden of choosing the perfect gift, especially if your father’s tastes are very different from yours. It also gives your dad the freedom of choosing to redeem the gift card to purchase whatever he likes. Even more importantly, it saves him the expense of buying it himself.

    Wondering if a gift card is too impersonal? You can make it thoughtful with a little personalization. Instead of getting a general gift card, how about one for their favourite local coffee chain, or for a specific category such as books or gadgets? You can even get a gift card for a class or hobby supply store - so it’s still relevant to him but allows him to pick something he really likes or wants.

  10. When You Need to Save Money Yourself
    What do you do when you really can’t afford to spend anything, but still want to give your father a gift he’ll love? Simple. Offer your time and help with whatever he needs. You can even make it a fun game by printing out some coupons that he can exchange for your services. Does he need his lawn mowed or car washed? He doesn’t need to pay someone, you can do it for him. Some light repairs around the house, or grooming his pet dog? You’re the person for the job. You’ll save him and yourself some money and get to spend time together. Now that’s a great Father’s Day gift!

Ultimately, giving your father a gift is a wonderful way to show you care. Special occasions like Father’s Day provide the perfect opportunity to let him know how much his well-being is on your mind. A gift that he loves, finds useful, helps him save money, and explores his interests ticks all the boxes.

We hope the list above helps you in your search for the perfect Father’s Day gift. And if you are a dad, Happy Father’s Day! We hope you have a wonderful day where you’re spoiled a little too.