Authentically Giving Back

Feel-good marketing

‘Giving back to the community’ is a common mantra among financial institutions (FIs). They are powerful words to use in a feel-good marketing initiative connected to corporate giving.

But how many put their money where their mouths are when it comes to living this mantra? Big banks may write a cheque to the local chapter of a national organization, but they often lack meaningful connection with the community.

They also take minimal interest in the well-being of the local economy. Like big box retailers, they are usually driven by quarterly profit projections and stock prices.

True measure

When it comes to authentically giving back to community, the truest measurement is how deeply they are embedded in:

  • tailoring products and services to meet your needs,
  • creating jobs,
  • volunteering,
  • championing young leaders,
  • serving on boards, and
  • providing meaningful access to financial services.

Walking the talk

We live this kind of dedication every day and in every interaction with our communities.

  • Community responsibility and sustainability is a core value in our strategic plan.
  • Creating exceptional value includes doing our part to promote growth in the regions we serve.

Our CEO Daniel Johnson says, “We take seriously the intrinsically valuable role that we can play in our communities. Our commitment as a financial leader is to feed into prosperity, not off it. This belief has been fundamental to our growth, success and vision.”

Student program 

We’re also fostering the next generation of professionals with a Summer Student Program. It’s designed to empower young people to explore a career in the financial services industry.

  • We invest in approximately 12 students each year.
  • They gain experience in all areas of the organization.
  • They contribute to meaningful projects.
  • They see some of the challenges that come with striving to be a financial provider of choice.
  • They become a part of the Innovation family.

Caring Company

Because of our willingness to go above and beyond in our communities, Imagine Canada named us a Caring Company.

The Caring Company program is Canada’s recognition of leadership and excellence in community investment. Caring Companies:

  • give back a minimum of 1% of their pre-tax profits to communities where their employees live and work,
  • lead by example, and
  • set the standard for corporate giving in Canada.

I’m so proud to share that we consistently exceed Imagine Canada’s 1% benchmark.

  • We donate at least 2% of our pre-tax profits back to our communities each year.
  • In 2020, we gave back over 2% in sponsorships, community development, and scholarships.
  • Since 2007, our corporate giving totals over $7.44 million.
  • Our staff actively volunteer. We give our staff members 7.5 paid volunteer hours annually to volunteer in their communities!

Senior leadership is also active in the community. You’ll see them at:

  • hockey arenas,
  • curling rinks,
  • softball fields,
  • community events, and
  • local soup kitchens, pitching in with enthusiasm.

Add to this our Member Rewards program and No-Fee Bank Account and it’s clear that we truly give back to our members and communities every day. 

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