Meet Our 2021 Community Grant Program Recipients

At Innovation we’re committed to giving back to the communities we serve. One of the ways we do this is through our Innovation Credit Union Community Grant Program. Through the program, we fund local projects designed to have a long-lasting impact for everyone in the community. These projects are aimed at community development, with a view to improve the social, economic, cultural, and environmental state of the community. The grants we offer are all intended for one-off projects in which financial assistance is required to start something new or to assist with large purchases that are not normally possible. Grant amounts are need-based and vary. However, the range of funding any organization can receive is $2,500 per year up to $25,000 per year.

Who is eligible for such a grant? The organizations that are eligible for funding through our Community Grant Program must be Innovation Credit Union members and be either a Non-Profit Organization, Municipality, an Educational Institution, or a Licensed Early Learning and Childcare Centre. While we try to support as many worthy projects as possible, there are some areas we do not provide support for. These include competitions, registration fees, conferences, trade shows, seminars, creating online or offline publications, individuals, political or religious organizations, sponsorship for recreational teams, research funding, school funding (except for after-school programs, playground structures, science fairs, school clubs and organizations), funding for team uniforms or funding for travels.

In 2019, grants were given to the Cando Community School for their school playground, to the Wilkie & District Health Foundation for a Digital X-Ray Machine, to the Gravelbourg Skateboarding & BMX Park Inc., to the Alleykatz Learning Centre for renovations, and to the Jonas Samson Junior High School for their school playground.

In 2020, we supported projects such as the Frontier Rink Rehab project through Frontier Minor Sports, the School Playground Upgrade project through the Hafford School Community Council, the Playground Development Project through the Eastend School Community Council, the Bracken Community Building Renovation Project through the Village of Bracken, and the Snoozelon BRIDGE Project through the Battlefords Residential Services Inc.

Since 2020, our Community Grant Program also includes two newly established legacy funds: the Pierceland Legacy Fund and the Goodsoil Legacy Fund. The Goodsoil Legacy Fund provided grants for the Furnace and AC Replacement Project, the Community Handivan Replacement Project, and the Curling Club Chiller and Replacements Project. Meanwhile, the Pierceland Legacy Fund provided grants for the Pierceland Senior Hall Flooring Replacement Project and the Fire Fighter Equipment Replacement Project.

Our Community Grants Program accepts online applications until July 31st. The projects are awarded grants after careful review and consideration by our Community Grant committee. This year, the Innovation Credit Union Community Grant Program received over 45 applications. We are thrilled to award $65,000 in grants to help support 10 worthwhile community projects. And the carefully selected recipients are…

2021 Innovation Credit Union Community Grant Recipients

Organization: Town of Hafford

Project: Wildland Vehicle Upgrade Project

Grant Amount: $10,000

Project Details: The purpose of the project is to upgrade the vehicle equipment to combat wildland fires. The current equipment is a 1970s era one-ton truck that is dangerous to operate due to its age. With the grant, the Town of Hafford aims to buy a new vehicle with a tank, foam suppression system, fire pump, pump to rapidly refill in the field and a STARS landing kit. A unit like this would be designated as a Quick Response vehicle.

Organization: City of Swift Current

Project: Safe Places Prevent It Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: Through the development of a new youth e-learning program, the project aims to facilitate the prevention and response to bullying and abuse in the community.

Safe Places has a vision to develop a safe education program for children and youth. The goal is to have a youth friendly program which is trauma informed, developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive. The project would provide information, tools, and support to help keep children and youth between the ages of 8-17 safe and prevent harm.

Organization: Eastend Memorial Hall         

Project: Heating Boilers Replacement Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: The project will provide a second required boiler to heat the facility. This will help to lower the energy costs and provide a safe, comfortable environment for community groups and organizations to meet. In addition, the project will also provide reliable heat to the Eastend Library, a branch of Chinook Libraries.

Organization: Meadow Lake Curling Club Inc.

Project: Renovations Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: Renovations to the Meadow Lake Curling Club have been ongoing and this upcoming year, there are multiple projects that are required to be completed including making the facility wheelchair accessible and upgrading the aging kitchen equipment. The project would fund the purchase of a new wheelchair lift, grill and range hood. Further to all the planned upgrades, the city of Meadow Lake suffered a devastating loss to the community when the local skating rink was destroyed by fire which impacted the Meadow Lake Curling Club as the ice plant was jointly utilized. The project will help Meadow Lake Curling Club to obtain their own ice plant and building to house it.

Organization: Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation

Project: Cabri Prairie Health Care Centre Digital Radiology System Replacement Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: The Cabri Prairie Health Care Centre is in desperate need on a new X-ray machine as the current machine is outdated and no longer performing satisfactorily. Parts for the machine are becoming difficult to find as the current machine still uses film exposures. A new machine would help capture images using digital technology improving the quality of the images and helping practitioners make better diagnosis.

2021 Goodsoil Legacy Fund & Pierceland Legacy Fund Grant Recipients: 

Organization: Goodsoil Historical Museum

Project: Mcrae House Restoration Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: The purpose of this project is to move a house built in 1947, approximately 17 kms from its present location on the farm to the Historical Museum site in town. The house will be restored to its original state. The project goal is to maintain and preserve the building and use it as a teaching method for visitors, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the life the early settlers endured.

Organization: Goodsoil Recreation Community Hall Board

Project: Upgrades & Renovations Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: The project aims to upgrade the hall’s bathrooms and kitchen area to ensure the facility is welcoming to all community members and operating more efficiently. 

Organization: Goodsoil Central School SCC

Project: Walkway Expansion Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: The project aims to expand the walkway around the school making it wheelchair accessible and safer for all teachers, students, and community members. 

Organization: Goodsoil Minor Ball

Project: Kitchen & Washroom Facility Project

Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Details: The project will provide a new onsite washroom facility, kitchen, and equipment storage shed at the community ball diamonds.

Organization: Pierceland Recreation Association

Project: Arena Energy Efficiency and Improvement Project

Grant Amount: $15,000

Project Details: The project will help to replace the bathroom countertops and dressing rooms to meet health and safety standards. It will also improve the safety and sanitization of these areas for the community and children. The second portion of the project is aimed at improving energy consumption in the arena, the heart of our community, by replacing the old light fixtures with more energy efficient LED lights. 

We’re excited to be able to impact the communities we serve in so many different ways. If you know of a project that could also benefit the community, please visit our Community Grant Program page to know more about applying and eligibility.