Rewarding Members Every Way Possible

What good is our success if we can’t share it with you? 

You deserve to be rewarded for banking with us. It’s this belief that drives our Member Rewards program. Being a member of Innovation makes you a part of a rewards program that not only exceeds your expectations but also helps contribute to the development of the local community. So, let’s learn more about the program!

When you become a member, you can expect three things to happen very quickly:

  1. You buy a $5 share to own a part of your credit union.
  2. We’ll open a Member Rewards account for you. 
  3. You'll receive cash dividends and equity to your Member Rewards account. 

Since 2007, we've paid approximately $41.2 million to Member Rewards accounts. (Which might lead you to ask…what is equity and a cash dividend?) Great questions!

What is equity?

Equity is the profits we earn that help keep Innovation strong and steady. As one of our members, you earn a portion of our profits and as a way of thanking our members for letting us hold onto your equity portions, we pay cash dividends. 

What is a cash dividend?

A dividend is a payment to our owners, like you. The cash you get is based off your equity amount. So, the more equity you have, the larger your cash dividend. Think of it as a portion of our profits that Innovation shares with you. This cash dividend is something you can either save or spend. Our board approves payment based on our performance. 

Now we can speak in greater detail about our complete Member Rewards program.

Save. Earn. Give.

The Member Rewards program is split into three parts: Save. Earn. Give.


Our members save on bank fees. Most notably, if you sign up for our No-Fee Bank Account, you’ll end up saving as much as $360/year in bank fees.

If that wasn’t enough, our ding free ATM network saves members an average of $30/year. 


You might have heard this month is another Member Rewards pay out, where members are earning equity and cash dividends. Are you asking yourself, “I’m an Innovation member…where’s my money?”

Great question! You earn cash by doing your everyday banking with us. 

  1. You earn equity from having certain products with us
  2. You get cash dividends based on your equity balance

So…in short, more equity = more cash!

Equity payments are based on the loan interest you’ve paid AND the deposit interest you’ve earned. That means, you’ll earn equity if you have any of the following deposits or loans with us:

  • US Account
  • Savings Account
  • Term deposits
  • Loans and mortgages
  • Lines of credit

We’ve also got a great way for kids to know the importance of financial knowledge and savings. We pay $5 cash every 3 months to youth who are ages 18 and under.


Your business with us is more than just a transactional relationship. It helps us support your community. Over the past 14 years, our members have helped us give back over $7.70 million to the communities we serve. Thank you!

Withdrawing money from you Member Rewards account

Next important question: how do I withdraw money from my Member Rewards account? We’re happy you asked.

All you have to do is transfer the available cash balance from your Member Rewards account to any account of your choosing or contact us if you want to set up an automatic transfer for you. This can be done through your mobile app or online banking.

As a thank you for your loyalty and for banking with us, you can also withdraw from the equity portion of your Member Rewards account when:

  • Your equity balance reaches $5,000 (for personal members) or $10,000 (business members). Once this happens, you can take out any money above the $5,000 or 10,000 balances.
  • Alternatively, you can withdraw when you reach the age of 65. You’ll need to keep your $5 member share in your account, but you can withdraw anything over $5.