Save for the down payment of your first home, tax-free! Get notified when this new account is launched.

FHSA - Your Tax Advantage Savings Option

Enjoy Tax Deductions

Just like with an RRSP, the contributions you make to an FHSA are tax deductible.

Save on Taxes

You won't pay any tax on the interest you earn on your FHSA. Your money will grow tax-free!

Get Your First Home Faster

With the money you'll save from your FHSA's tax advantages, you'll reach your down payment goal quickly and easily.

Your FHSA is coming soon!

You'll hear from us the moment the FHSA is available. Share your contact details to receive a personal "heads-up" your account is ready to open.

FHSA Eligibility Requirements

Resident of Canada

Age 18 to 71

Valid Social Insurance Number

First-Time Home Buyer

Learn more about FHSA features, rules, and requirements: