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Apply only once for ongoing cash when you need it most with a Quick Loan! Enjoy Quick Loans in Canada featuring a fast approval process, low interest rates, and affordable fees.

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Discover the benefits of a Quick Loan:

  • Get easy access to cash ($2,500+)
  • Enjoy affordable payments
  • Pay low interest rates
  • Save on loan fees
  • Choose from flexible repayment options

Why Should I Choose a Quick Loan from Innovation Credit Union?

  • Quick Loans offer a fast application process. You won’t have to deal with an extended wait for your application to be reviewed. Look no further for fast loans in Canada.

  • Members enjoy 24/7 availability when approved for a Quick Link between their loan account and operating account. Access the cash you need, even when we’re closed!

  • Your Quick Loan revolves. Just pay down the balance to access more funds as needed. There’s no need to fill out another application.

  • When you can’t wait on money for an unpredictable expense, Quick Loans are here to help.

  • Flexible payment options and prearranged payment frequencies give you control over paying back your loan. You can manage your money wisely.

  • With interest rates lower than credit cards and no annual fee, Quick Loans keep the cost to borrow low.

Join the 59,000+ Canadians who bank with us

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Quick Loans: Compare and see

Based on $1,000 balance. These are estimates for example purposes only.
  Quick Loan Credit Card
Interest Rate 8% 19.99%
Monthly Payment $80 $199.90
Payment Options Flexible Standard
Interest Charged On The money you use The money you use
Annual Fee $0 Up to $150

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A few months ago, I started seeing water damage on my roof. I knew I had to get my roof repaired or replaced but didn't have the cash for it. I tried to apply for a loan but every big bank rejected my application. I didn't know what to do!

Well, luckily, I found Innovation Credit Union's Quick Loans. Borrowing was so fast and simple with them!

It was just a one-time online application that took me 10 minutes. Got quick approval and support from their helpful advisors and they made lending easy!

You can borrow anywhere from $2,500 to $30,000 for 5-10 years, without the need of any collateral.

And the best part, Innovation's Quick Loans are offered at low interest, no hidden annual fee & flexible payment plans!

You can use quick loans for a variety of needs like urgent home expenses, sudden vehicle expenses, travel costs, major purchases and more.

Get the cash you want today!

Apply online in minutes!

Quick Loans: Apply once for ongoing access to money

A Quick Loan is a type of revolving credit you can access without having to complete a new application each time you need funds. It’s perfect for home renovations, second-hand car loans, vacations, recreational vehicles, or emergencies. The application is easy and Quick Loan approvals are fast!

Sleep easier with low payments on your Quick Loan

Quick Loans are small personal loans with a great rate - that means lower minimum payments on a fast loan! They make fantastic emergency loans. Plus, you pay interest only on the money you use. That can add up to some significant savings.

Quick Loans mean you pay less interest

A Quick Loan is like a credit card but with a lower interest rate. So instead of paying 19.99%, you could pay only 8% on the money you use. It could save you thousands in interest!  Instead of credit card rewards, you’ll earn Member Rewards cash dividends from having a loan with us.

Pay no annual fee for your Quick Loan

With a Quick Loan, you’ll save on hidden loan fees and annual credit card fees. Some credit cards charge as much as $150/year for an annual fee. You can enjoy convenient access to cash without the fees with this low interest loan.

Pay extra on your Quick Loan without penalty

You can make additional Quick Loan payments whenever you like. It's as easy as transferring money on your app. You can borrow $2,500 up to $50,000.

Additional Information

  • Available for personal use only
  • Interest compounded annually
  • Minimum credit limit - $2,500 
  • Minimum manual disbursement - $100
  • Unlimited prepayment 
  • Term length up to 10 years
  •  An Innovation account is required for payment of quick loans. The payment cannot come from another financial institution.
  • Applicable application fees 

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Ask an Advisor

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Submit your loan application and we’ll contact you shortly. You can also connect with our advisors at 1.866.446.7001. Get quick approval for a loan in Canada  today!

You need to be at least 18 years of age and a Canadian resident.

For a fast loan application process, please supply the following information. If you have a guarantor for your loan, you’ll also need the same information for them. (A guarantor is someone who promises to pay your loan if you can’t.) Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Driver’s license or passport
  • Loan details, for example purchase information on what you need your loan for or recent loan/credit card statements if you’re consolidating debt
  • Employment information (name of employer, legal/physical address, phone number, occupation, total time with employer/time in sector, employment status (full time or part time; hourly or salary)
  • Income verification (a current paystub AND recent T4 slip/final paystub from previous year)
  • 3 years of income tax and Notice of Assessment (if you’re self-employed)
  • List of assets and liabilities
  • Disclosure of previous bankruptcy, judgements, consumer proposals, alimony, child support
  • Residence details (homeowner/renter, mortgage/rental payments, annual/monthly property tax, energy bills needed if on equalized payments)

  1. Log into digital banking
  2. Select Payments & Transfers > Transfers > Transfer Money
  3. Select Quick Link from the Transfer from dropdown list (not Quick Loan). The current balance will show $0, but the available balance will display your Quick Loan’s available amount.
  4. Select the account you want to transfer your loan funds to (e.g. your No-Fee Bank Account)
  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer (within your approved loan limit). You don’t have to select your entire loan amount, just what you need.
  6. Continue and confirm! 

You sure can!

  1. Log into digital banking
  2. Select Payments & Transfers > Transfers > Transfer Money
  3. Choose the account you’d like to make your loan payment from (e.g. your No-Fee Bank Account)
  4. Choose Quick Loan from the Transfer to option. Your transfer will be a principal only payment. If you’re paying your entire Quick Loan balance, call us to get the correct pay-down amount to cover all outstanding interest
  5. Enter the amount you want to pay
  6. Continue and confirm! 


Our No-Fee Bank Account has no monthly fees and no balance requirements. Save as much as $360/year in fees!


You earn cash dividends simply by doing your everyday banking with us. The more you bank with us, the more you benefit.


Your business helps us support your community. We allocate 2% to 4% of pre-tax profits/year to our communities.

Stop wasting money on interest and fees with a Quick Loan!

Easily get the cash you want without extra charges. With a one-time application, low payments, and great rates, getting what you need has never been easier! Get your Quick Loan approval today!

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