Storage shed

Lower your payments


Leasing is an excellent alternative to a business loan. Enjoy great rates, low payments, and even tax benefits!

Discover the benefits!

  • Enjoy low rates and payments
  • Reap the tax benefits
  • Discover buy-out and trade-in options
  • Get expert advice


Pay less for financing

Our low leasing rates ensure that your monthly fixed payment stays low. The down payment is also flexible, so you’ll maximize your equipment productivity while minimizing your expenses. 

Save money on taxes

Only pay tax on rental payments during the lease term. No more paying tax in advance!

Take advantage of your many options

Pay off your lease quickly with a 5-year term. Or make lower monthly payments with our 7-year term. If your leased equipment is perfect for your farm or business, you can buy it off at the end of your lease. You can work with us to set your purchase option price. You also have the option to use your trade-in as credit toward your equipment upgrade.

Get more than just leasing advice

Of course, your business advisor will guide you through the entire leasing process. But they’ll also help you with every need your business has! You’ll gain more than a great lease with us. You’ll build a partnership that lasts the life of your business.


You bet! Have your eyes on the latest advancements in agriculture or business technology? Lease the latest tech or equipment to take advantage of the most efficient and productive options for your business.

Absolutely. Booming businesses demand infrastructure growth. Speak to one of our ag experts about leasing farm or business buildings for your operation.
They work extended hours to serve you better! Call us at 1.866.446.7001 to start growing your business today.

You sure can. Leasing is perfect for additional grain storage or other business storage needs. Bin leasing allows you to store a bumper crop and sell at your target price. You can also lease augers, and other equipment to assist in moving and storing your grain.

Pay less with more options

Leasing is an excellent alternative to buying. You’ll get access to what you need while using less capital.  Contact us to get started!

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