Young Farmer Loans & Incentives

Are you 40 years of age or younger? Get preferred loan, mortgage, and deposit rates as well as reduced fees. Grow your farming business today!

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Young Farmer Loans & Incentives

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Discover the benefits

  • Enjoy preferred rates
  • Pay lower fees
  • Discover down payment options
  • Earn cash dividends
  • Get expert advice


Access special rates

Get the start you need when building your farming business. With the Young Farmers Incentive, you’ll enjoy:

  • Preferred AgriInvest deposit rates  
  • Preferred loan rates  
  • Pre-approved flexible mortgages



Pay less fees

When you’re just starting your business, you might not have the cashflow you need to pay banking fees. The Young Farmers Incentive offers:

  • Waived service package fees for the first twelve months    
  • No application fee on the first $1,500,000 of total combined debt


Take advantage of down payment options

Coming up with a down payment of machinery or land can also be challenging when you’re growing your operation. With the Young Farmers Incentive, you’ll enjoy down payment options for your borrowing needs.

Earn cash for everyday banking

With our Member Rewards program, you’ll earn cash dividends by having your business savings and loans with us. The more you bank with us, the more you benefit!

Build a partnership

Of course, your business advisor will help with the Young Farmers Incentive. But they’ll also help you with every need your business has! You’ll gain more than access to a great program with us. You’ll build a partnership that lasts the life of your business.

Get the start you deserve

Grow your farming business with reduced fees and preferred rates. Get the jump start you need to succeed!

Our Young Farmers Loan and Incentives Make it Easier to Grow Your Business

Farms are foundational. They’re a valuable part of local communities and the bedrock of Canadian agricultural commerce. If you’ve ever had your crops sold for export, or know a farmer who has, you’ve seen the international value farms hold, too.

While farms are critically important, it’s not always easy to get one up and running. You have the knowledge and experience to lead a successful agricultural operation, of course. However, you may not have the funding needed to pay for land, equipment, storage, payroll, and other key needs.

Whether you’re starting a farm from scratch or taking over an existing one, Innovation is here to help. Our young farmers program offers wide-ranging support for the key needs of your business. We’ll make it easier for you to build a resilient and sustainable farming operation.

Who Qualifies for the Young Farmers Incentive program?

It’s simple! If you’re 40 years of age or younger and own or plan to start a farming business, we can help. You can apply for a business loan for agriculture and enjoy all of the advantages that come along with it.

You can access a variety of helpful benefits, including preferred terms on loans for farmers, pre-approved flexible mortgages, and reduced fees. Learn more about the specifics below.

Young Farmers Loans & So Much More

We extend preferred loan rates to young farmers, although that’s only part of our broader incentive program. While the specifics can vary, the intent and purpose always remain the same. 

A lower young farmer loan interest rate means accessing the funds your business needs while lowering the total amount owed. Reduced interest rates mean more money can go back into your farm.

With lower fees, you can save even more. Enjoy waived service package fees for the first 12 months, and no application fee on the first $1.5 million of total combined debt.

With specialized young farmer financing and support, you can also access preferred AgriInvest deposit rates. That’s one more way to strengthen your business financially — and all you need to do is choose Innovation as your banking partner.

An Advisor You Can Trust

When we say partnership, we mean it. Your business can gain an experienced advisor at no additional cost through our Young Farmers Incentive as well. 

Our business advisors do more than simply discuss the fine details and financial impact of loans, mortgages, and other offerings. They can provide information and support related to your strategic business needs, questions about day-to-day operations, and so much more.

Get Started With the Young Farmers Incentive

Want to take advantage of lower interest rates, preferred deposit rates, pre-approved mortgages — and benefits all of our members enjoy, like cash dividends for everyday banking? Apply for your loan now!