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Business Loans

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  •  Enjoy competitive rates
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  •  Choose from many financing options
  •  Earn cash dividends

Enjoy affordable financing

Our competitive lending rates will help you expand your business, build your inventory, purchase equipment, and improve your cash flow. 

Get more than just lending advice

Of course, your business advisor will guide you through the entire borrowing process. But they’ll also help you with every need your business has! You’ll gain more than a great loan with us. You’ll build a partnership that lasts the life of your business.

Pick what works best for your business

Choose from a variety of lending options:

Get help with your decision from experts who care.

Earn cash for everyday banking

With our Member Rewards program, you’ll earn cash dividends by having your business loan with us. The more you bank with us, the more you benefit!

More information

  • Available for agricultural/business use, non-land assets only 
  • Interest compounded annually
  • Minimum credit limit - $5,000
  • Term length up to 10 years 
  • Applicable application fees

Watch your business thrive

You deserve affordable business financing with experts to help you every step of the way. Contact us to get started growing your business!

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Business Loans and Financing That Work for You

Businesses will always require funding to start operating and continue to grow as time goes on.

Unfortunately, revenue and financial needs don’t always align. Seasonality, peaks and valleys in sales, expensive emergencies, inventory costs, and other issues can leave businesses without the working capital needed to move forward.

Applying for a business loan can help your company smooth out the rough edges of its finances. Business lending, along with leasing and financing options as well as lines of credit, offers paths toward success. Business owners can secure the inventory or equipment they need, fund a major growth opportunity, recover from an unpredictable disaster, and more.

Let’s review some common questions about these lending options, from how to get a business loan to which type of company loan or financing is best for your operations.

Common questions about lending options

Large and small business owners alike can reach out to our expert business advisors to start the lending process.

We’re proud to offer a variety of loan and financing products (we’ll go into more detail about them in the next answer), so picking the right one is important for positive results. Our team can help you find the best small business loan, financing, or other option.

Whether you already know exactly what your business needs or have questions about our affordable business loans, we’ll support you throughout the process.

There’s no right answer to this question. The best loan for your business depends on everything from company size and industry to specific needs and financial position.

That said, our broad range of loans and financing options can address many business needs. Options include:

  • Financing: Fund equipment, inventory, and operating expenses with business financing.
  • Quick Loan: Apply once for this revolving line of credit and enjoy lower interest rates and fast deposit of funds.
  • Line of credit: Give your business a safety net with a line of credit tied to your business chequing account.
  • Leasing: Get access to the equipment your business needs, with the option to purchase it outright at the end of the lease.


Not every business will qualify for a small business loan or line of credit. That said, finding a financial institution willing to work with you, instead of viewing you as just another application, can be a major asset.

Our experienced advisors can steer you toward the right business loan option for your company. They can support you in making smart business and financial decisions, building a valuable partnership that goes beyond banking.

Innovation is proud to support businesses throughout the communities we serve. The first step to securing a business loan is to share some information about your business and its needs. Then, we can help you find the loan or financing option that can help you move forward.