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Scan your cheques for immediate deposit from home or your office! Simplify your business operations today.

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Discover the benefits!

  • Instant deposits from your home or office 
  • Detailed online reporting
  • US cheque capabilities
  • Handwriting recognition to detect errors

Deposit your business cheques instantly

Simply scan your cheques using your Innovation business scanner and we'll deposit your money instantly into your account. Your deposits appear quickly giving you immediate access to funds, improving your business cash flow. Scan up to 100 cheques at a time!

Access online reports

View detailed summary reports, deposit details and cheque images online. They’re available for viewing and download up to 180 days.

Deposit your USD cheques

You can deposit USD cheques into your US Account. Doing business with clients from across the border has never been simpler.

Detect errors quickly

Our handwriting recognition feature detects mismatches between deposit totals and scanning totals. It will save countless hours of error detection.


This is a business cheque scanning service that allows members to scan and deposit cheques from the comfort of their home or office. Cheque images are securely transmitted to Innovation Credit Union for processing. 

Yes, you will need to purchase a special scanner through the PayStation website. We recommend choosing a Panini brand scanner for pricing, warranty, and temporary replacement purposes. There are different unit models available, letting you purchase the type that suits your business needs best. Our Business Advisors will provide you with recommended scanner options. When visiting the PayStation website you will be required to create a new account and will then be directed to the ordering menu page once your account is successfully created. 

Yes, there are fees attached to DCDB including the purchase of your scanner, an initial set-up fee as well as a monthly charge. You can contact us to learn more about costs for your business.

You can deposit the following item types:

  1. Canadian dollar cheques, drafts, money orders and Receiver General Warrants drawn on a Canadian Financial Institution.
  2. US dollar cheques, drafts, or money order drawn on a financial institution domiciled in Canada or the United States.

There are some items that DCDB cannot deposit. They are:

  1. Canada Savings Bonds
  2. Canadian or US dollar traveler’s cheques
  3. US Domestic Postal Service Money orders
  4. Cheques in currencies other than CAD or USD

The cut of time for deposits is 6:00 pm Saskatchewan Central Time. After this time, cheques will be deposited to your account the following business day.

Your Business Advisor will review your deposit history to set limits specific to your business as a proactive means to reduce errors and mitigate fraud.

We recommend that each deposit contain no more than 100 items to assist with error correction and balancing of the deposit.

No. The sum of the items included in a deposit will appear as one entry to your account. You can use the reporting features to create, view and print reports that itemize each cheque in the deposit. 

This service is available to all Innovation Credit Union business members regardless of size. If your business receives a lot of cheques that you regularly deposit, or you would like the convenience of depositing your cheques remotely, then DCDB can be a great tool for you.

Yes, there are three different user role types that can be assigned to those using DCDB. We can help customize user roles and access based on the needs of your business once you’re ready to sign up!

Items detected as potential duplicates are flagged with an on-screen alert and require you to review the item and make a decision to either delete it or elect to override the duplicate alert and send the item on to be deposited. An item is considered duplicate when the exact same data: serial/cheque number, account number, route/transit number, and amount has been scanned/read on another deposit application. Duplicate cheques can be returned on the depositor up to 90 days after deposit.

The physical cheques should be stored in a secure location until they are destroyed. In most cases, cheques can be destroyed once your required retention period has passed. The recommended retention period is 90 days as that is the timeframe where images can be returned for poor image quality. Imaged cheques must be destroyed no later than 120 days after they are scanned.

For DCDB to properly function, you’ll need a Microsoft Windows operating system capable of supporting the following requirements:

  • One of the listed web browsers: Internet Explorer (IE 8,9 or 10, or 64-bit version of 11), Mozilla Firefox (version 25.0.1), or Google Chrome (current version 31.0.1650.57)
  • An available USB 2.0 port and the ability to locate the scanner at least 18 inches from its power transformer
  • Administrative access to the workstation computer (in order to download and install the scanner driver)
  • A display adapter and monitor capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution and at least 256 colours

Yes, it can. You must install and implement the scanner on both computers you plan on using. Once installed, you can move the scanner between computers.

For technical and warranty related issues, please contact PayStation at 1-800-268-1440, or If your scanner is out of service and you require a temporary replacement, please contact your Innovation Credit Union Business Advisor.

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