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Manage income declines in your farming business. With an AgriInvest Account, you’ll receive matching contributions from the government.

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Start Your AgriInvest Account

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  • Get income boosts
  • Earn interest on your savings
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Get help with small income declines

With an AgriInvest Account, you’ll receive matching contributions from the government. The government will send you a Deposit Notice outlining your Maximum Matchable Deposit Amount for the year. You can deposit any amount up to your Maximum Matchable Deposit by the deadline indicated on the notice.

Enjoy competitive rates

You’ll earn interest on the money you deposit as well as interest on the government’s contribution. Bring your AgriInvest Account Initiation Form to us to open your AgriInvest account today.

Reduce your paperwork

We report activity on your account, such as deposits and withdrawals, regularly to the government. The government then forwards the matching amount to us for deposit to your AgriInvest Account. You won’t need to do anything after you open the account!

Transfer your AgriInvest Account to us!

Moving your AgriInvest Account to Innovation is easy. Simply contact Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at 1-866-367-8506 and request an AgriInvest Account Transfer Form.

Bring the transfer form to any Innovation advice centre and we will open a new AgriInvest account for you and have the funds transferred from your existing financial institution. 

More information

  • Available for ag producers
  • Single ownership only 
  • Interest earned on daily closing balance and paid monthly 
  • No monthly fee 
  • No minimum balance 
  • Cheques not available 
  • Account is not to be overdrawn

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You can also learn more about AgriInvest by visiting the program website at or call Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada toll-free at 1.866.367.8506

AgriInvest: Deposit and Earn to Offset Income Declines

With so many factors affecting the potential profitability of farms, long-term budgeting and financial planning can feel especially difficult.

What if you had a way to protect against minor reductions in income? And, what if all you had to do was open a savings account to get that protection?

AgriInvest Canada accounts give Canadian farmers the opportunity to offset small declines in income with matching contributions. Simply deposit up to 100% of your allowable net sales into your account. That’s all you have to do to get a matching government contribution. 

In return, the federal government will provide you with an amount equivalent to 1% of your allowable net sales. That’s funding you can count on to help support your business.


Why Should I Consider the AgriInvest Program?

Every business needs a business savings account. It’s the easiest way to keep your company’s funds safe and accessible. Another key benefit: savings accounts earn interest. You can put your money to work, by doing nothing besides making deposits, with a guaranteed interest rate.


What if your business savings account could give you more options to earn? That’s the exact benefit an AgriInvest account provides. Deposit a maximum of 100% of allowable net sales and  receive a matching government contribution of up to 1% of that figure in return.

The program is based on a yearly cycle. That means your farm can earn that 1% allowable net sales contribution each year. It’s money in your pocket, just for completing the AgriInvest application and maintaining your account.


How is the 1% Contribution Calculated for AgriInvest Accounts?

The matching contribution is based on your allowable net sales. That figure can be determined with just a few calculations. Add up your gross sales of allowable commodities and purchases of allowable commodities, then subtract purchases from gross sales. 

The final step is to find 1% of that net allowable sales figure. You can simply divide the figure by 100%. 

The maximum allowable net sales figure matched in the AgriInvest program is $1 million. That would yield a contribution of $10,000 — a sizeable amount that can help offset an income decline.

On the other side of this range, the minimum eligible deposit for matching is $250.

Looking for more details about AgriInvest contributions and limits? Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada offers more guidance on the topic.


Making AgriInvest Easy for You

After you open an AgriInvest account with us, you won’t have to worry about deposits and paperwork. You can count on us to report the relevant information to the program as well as deposit the matching contribution into your account. It’s as easy as earning regular interest on your savings account deposits! 

Support your farming operation with matching contributions from the AgriInvest program. Apply for your AgriInvest account today!

Learn more about our accounts and services. Review our Account and Fee Information (pdf).

Identify the interest rates applicable to your account(s) and how they're calculated. Review our About Our Interest Calculations (pdf) document.